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Prescription Services in Jackson, NJ

Prescription Services - Meridian Village Pharmacy- Jackson, NJ
Meridian Village Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy that offers a variety of valuable patient services. We are a prescription service that will fill your script quickly and accurately. We are always willing to take the time to consult with our patients on their prescriptions and help each patient to gain a comprehensive understanding of the medication they are taking.

Our pharmaceutical professionals offer a medication compounding service that will create your medication using the precise instructions from your doctor. We carry a full range of medical specialty drugs that we can use to fill any script, and we are not hesitant to call your doctor if there are any questions about his or her instructions.
We understand how frustrating the price of medication can be, which is why we offer a price-matching guarantee on all of our prescriptions. We can do next-day ordering on medical equipment, and we can also get your special medication orders in overnight as well.

Meridian Village Pharmacy is the only place you will need to go for your over-the-counter medicines and products that you use every day. We have a broad array of vitamins for sale, and our pharmacists are more than willing to answer any questions you may have about which vitamins would be best for you. We also carry convenience items such as soda, cold medicine, lotto/scratch off tickets, and the daily newspaper.

At Meridian Village Pharmacy, we have services that are designed with your convenience in mind. We will fill your prescription while you utilize the therapeutic and exercise facilities at the Meridian Health Center, or we can deliver your completed prescription to your doctor's office. Give us a call or stop by our Jackson, New Jersey, location to see how much of a difference our service can make in your life. 732-994-7388

Specialty Drug Services

Our pharmacy now has SPECIALTY DRUG services. If you require these specialty drugs, please consider us for that service. We can follow up on the claim to make sure it is properly covered by your insurance as well as counsel the patient, deliver the medication to your designation of choice, whether it is the office or the home. Please remember that our pharmacy can assist the physician and their offices in doing prior approval claims on any prescription also.

Compounding Services Available

Compounding Services available
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